Meet Dorothy Beal


Dorothy Beal is a runner, writer and a body positive activist who believes that runners come in all shapes and sizes and that if you run, you have a runner’s body. Founder of the I Run This Body brand and the creator of the #ihavearunnersbody and #irunthisbody movements, she is passionate about self love.

Dorothy first gained popularity when she was featured in the Saucony Find Your Strong Campaign. Her writing can be found on Active, Well + Good, Women’s Running, Competitor and her personal blogs, and She has been featured online in Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Huffington Post, Active, Yahoo, Allure, Shape, Health, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Refinery29, Greatist and Dr. Oz. She has been seen on the cover of Women's Running, Competitor and Posh Seven Magazines.

Dorothy started running in college as a way to lose weight literally and figuratively, and got hooked in the process. In 2003 she completed her first marathon and has run 38 of them since - taking her time from a 4:20 to a 3:11. She is a USATF Level 1 and RRCA certified running coach.
Sharing her passion for running is one of the things she most enjoys behind being a mom.